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Hipsterrunoff’s goodbye explanation

Sup bro.

I am closing because I don’t really enjoy content farming any more. Blogging used to be a little bit more fun and rewarding when I had a more naive outlook on what modern journalism meant. Now in a world filled with tumblrs, twitters, listicles, and an intense meme cycle, I don’t think there is any thing very fun or special about it. I probably started HRO when I was insecure and felt like I needed a tribe of people to understand me to feel validated, but now I have predictably ‘grown up.’

The money was pretty decent (usually took a long time to actually reach my pocket due to advertisers delayed payment schedules), but being a one person blog it is probably not a solid long-term career choice. Plus on top of that, ad networks usually take at least 50% off the top.

I have a few career options, one of them being the editor of a pre-existing blog where I would basically be doing what I do now except with a little bit more stability and less pressure. The other option is working for my uncle’s family business where I could have a better idea of what I am going to be doing in 20 years as opposed to trying to farm as many hits as possible and crossing my fingers every month for ad revenue.If I could have sold out, I would have, but that opportunity never came, and probably wasn’t going to for HRO.



Dunno, feeling really sad about this.  This really seems legit.  HRO has entertained me for a long time. Carles really had his “pulse” on the “alt community” probably better than anyone.  While a lot of his blog and memes were seemingly mindless, that’s what made them hilarious. 

His satire was always incredibly on point.  He really understood what it’s like to be a “self-aware 20-something” who is part of the self-loathing “alt” or “hipster” community.  I definitely related to a lot of the stuff he wrote in his blog.  Some of his memorable posts were really emotionally affecting, for real.  If this whole “movement” (if you want to call it that) has a voice, he’s probably it.  No homo.  That’s what I’m really going to miss.  I would read some of his posts and it’d be like “fuck, he really gets it.”

It just feels like shit is coming to a end.  Like the past decade of music is dead.  Radiohead flopped.  The Strokes flopped.  Dubstep is taking over.  Arcade Fire are the biggest band in the world.  And now this.  Dunno what’s happening.  Dunno where we’re going.  Feel like Carles would have a lot to say about this, if he was still blogging, and he would say it better than I could.

Feel like it’s mad entry level to post something like this but thanks bro.  Thanks for the memories (via Fall Out Boy).  I guess HRO really is a blog worth blogging abt.

Yeah, but I still don’t think Radiohead’s new album is a flop.

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Is David Bowie Dying?


Is David Bowie Dying?, of the collaborative 12” by The Flaming Lips and Neon Indian. Crazy stuff, smokin’ rock with a sexy chillwave-vibe.

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